Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elvis Presley the Cat is in Love

Elvis is in love...
with a Raccoon!
When I see him gazing longingly out the window
& hear him purr then I know Rocky is back!
Rocky the Raccoon visits nearly every night. He loves the chopped corn & graham crackers I leave for him. He even comes all the way up to the window and peeks in to say hello to Elvis.
Rocky had the patio & the corn & the graham crackers & Elvis all to himself. That is until...the terror of the neighborhood visited! Rocky tried to be friends but Mr. Opossum is friends with no one!
The reality of defeat! But he'll always have Elvis waiting at the window...

The Pioneer Woman Visits Nashville!

Ever heard of The Pioneer Woman?
She's the newest hit in the blog world.
She blogs about her daily life on an Oklahoma ranch -
that includes stories about her husband & children
& lots of recipes & photos.
Last month The Pioneer Woman - aka Ree Drummond
stopped in Nashville on her whirl-wind book tour.
And did Nashville show up to meet her!
Fans stood in line (some for hours)
to have pictures taken & books signed.
I was no exception.
My partner in crime that night was another devoted fan -
I was introduced to The Pioneer Woman via daughter Sarah.
Although Sarah couldn't be at the book signing,
Ree kindly & enthusiastically spoke to Sarah on the phone.
So thanks Pioneer Woman!
For visiting Nashville, teaching Sarah how to cook
& inspiring us with your fabulous life on the ranch!

Ree & Kristen

Ree talking to Sarah

(all photos property of Kristen Steele Photography)