Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Station Inn

I love to travel. I love meeting the people, listening to their accents, eating the food, reading about the history & the cultural of the area. I would love to have summer & winter homes scattered all across the world, but chances are slim that I’ll ever have that home in the Highlands of Scotland or that flat in London. That’s ok. My acre & a half inside the Nashville city limits is just fine with me. This town (even though Nashville & surrounding area has over a half million, we still call is a town) is so diverse in music. We can go to a Symphony or Opera most any day of the week. But when Nashvillians are ready to sit back & soak up the music that made the town famous then it’s time to head down 12th Ave to The Station Inn. Now that’s some top rated music - country style! The Station Inn is known for pure, perfect Bluegrass/Appalachian Music. I’m not talking about the newly invented Pop Folk Anyone Can Play a Fiddle And Call It Bluegrass music. I’m talking real Kick-Ass My Heart Is Broken Poetic Heartbeat Of America It’s Been A Hard Life But I’m Hanging In There music. And on Monday nights you get an extra helping of it with The Time Jumpers (so called because they play only timeless music). They’re not Bluegrass but an interesting mix of Country, Texas Swing & even a little hint of Big Band. All shows are at 9 so to get a seat it’s a must to be there at least by 8. Order a Station Inn pizza & a pitcher of beer then get ready to hear talent that comes as naturally to the musicians as breathing. Nashville has been called a ‘songwriter’s town’ & a ‘musician’s town’ because both are really the pulse of the music industry. That’s why entertainers of ALL genres of music from all over the world are migrating to Nashville & have been secretly coming for years. They know they can get the best song lyrics & the best back-up artists here - & all without the egos to have to deal with. So the next time you’re traveling through, stop over & visit the famous Station Inn any night of the week. You can listen to a sample on their website at www.stationinn.com or listen to what I recorded. Every few months we need a dose of The Station Inn so we went last week for a fix. Just made it in time before standing room only. Then we sat back in our chairs & marveled at how much talent is living & hiding in this town. Even if you're not a fan of Country or Texas Swing, you can certainly appreciate the talented musicians & fine voices. Enjoy & let me know what you think. The Station Inn is a slightly dumpy 'hole-in-the-wall' place where the walls are papered with old yellowed posters of past music legends & where the building is surrounded by lounge restaurants, up-scale bars & high-rise condominiums in an area called 'the gulch'. Because The Station Inn was the only building in the area until 6 years ago, the owners have assured the loyal fans (some have been coming for decades) they will not change to keep up with the neighborhood. And surprisingly, 'The Gulch' neighborhood wants to keep The Station Inn just as it is. Well of course - why mess around with a landmark !?! station inn ancient 'wallpaper' of music legends Station Inn Bluegrass Music Nashville and of new soon to be music legends

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  1. Hi hun, thanks for visiting my blog. Accents are great but mine makes me sound nice but dim. That looks like a great place to visit but I doubt I will ever get there, so I will just have to be content with your pictures.