Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tilly the Turkey

I will not be eating turkey this Thanksgiving.

And here's why....

Meet Tilly.

Thanksgiving turkey

Tilly has called our yard home from a safe distance

for most of the summer.

Until last month when she decided to move closer.

Now she's on our front porch every morning.

watching the world wake up,

listening to the interstate noise

and checking out the airplanes as they fly over.

thanksgiving turkey

thanksgiving turkey

thanksgiving turkey

Then she moves to the back courtyard & deck.

There she eats the birdseed & cracked corn we leave for her.

thanksgiving turkey She looks in the windows & stares at the cats.

And the cats stare back.thanksgiving turkey

thanksgiving turkey

She terrorizes Oscar the cat when he's outside

where she gets very very close.

thanksgiving turkey

She either loves him & wants to be friends

or she hates him & wants to fight.

Either way, Oscar wants no part of a relationship.

I think she's lonely.

But she's also getting free meals.

A city turkey living the easy life.

thanksgiving turkey After a busy day of eating & watching the cats,

she settles in for the night in her favorite tree.

Goodnight Tilly.

thanksgiving turkey


  1. Don't think me silly, (and yet somehow I don't think you will), but that tribute to Tilley (and really all fellow turkey's, wild and tame), was so moving that I wonder if I will serve turkey this Christmas;(Canadian thanksgiving is over)..,That dear "little birdie" face; that feisty little soul!~ I bet she is lonely, but she does have you kind folks to feed her!~ How "sweet", in the very best sence of the phrase!!.., Oh my!

    You're very welcome to pop by to my little corner of the blogging world sometime as well..,Glad I found you!

    Cheers from silken purse

  2. No, you musn't break trust with Tillie. How touching...thank you for caring for/about her. C

  3. I was thinking the same thing as Silk can I possibly eat turkey after seeing this. I never thought of turkey's as particularly cute, but I must say that Tilly is so cute!

    You captured some wonderful photos and I love the ones with Oscar. I do hope they become friends.

    What a wonderful heartwarming post!

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    Love and hugs,

  4. With a friend like that, how can you ever eat turkey again!