Thursday, July 9, 2009

#9 Air McNair

Steve McNair Tennessee Titan
Steve McNair was a Mississippi boy who called Nashville home. He loved Nashville because he said it was a city where he could “be himself” In fact, when he left a couple of years ago to play for Baltimore he kept his house here saying he would be back & also said he would always be a Tennessee Titan - which got him into a little trouble with Baltimore.
He came back after retiring last year & would be seen almost daily in town.
Nashville loved Steve.
He was rarely asked for an autograph (in Nashville people that ask for autographs are usually out-of towners) but instead, was given a shout-out or a high-five by people which was always returned with that beautiful Steve McNair smile. I almost ran over him once.
Seriously! He was crossing a street downtown & I turned my head just in time to see him walk in front of the car - just as I slammed on the brakes. He flashed me that smile & kept walking! Steve was one of the top charity fund raisers in the NFL. Just last year, out of all the NFL players, he was given the top charity award. After Hurricane Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast & very recently when a tornado damaged a Tennessee town, Steve was there helping & giving.
He was a down-home country boy.
Titan football will never be the same.
And from this football fanatic, thanks for the Tennessee Titan memories.

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