Friday, July 3, 2009

New Orleans Weekend

Ever visited New Orleans in late June?
Yes? Then you're as crazy as I am.
If you haven't. Don't.
You try as hard as you can to soak in the culture
but you only succeed in getting soaked.
So still hell bent on visiting?
Then you might enjoy some highlights of my resent visit...
~On Friday we had dinner at Bourbon Street Restaurant.
Baked Redfish topped with Crabmeat and special Cajun sauce. mmmmmmmmm.
The restaurant is owned by the Brennen family so you know it'll be great food & great atmosphere.
And it was.
Also had my first Streetcar there. I think I'm not a fan of Bourbon. But might have to drink another one on my next trip down just to make sure.
Then Husband & I took a stroll...
As we walked along the Mississippi River I hummed this classic tune...
Click to see & hear the original clip of famous baritone
Paul Robeson's powerful rendition of 'Ol' Man River'
from the 1936 'Showboat' What a voice!...
Then we wandered around Jackson Square...
and saw that even the horses needed a cool down...
To close the night we stopped at world famous
Cafe du Monde for Beignets. Normally served with coffee but too hot for that so water instead. Next morning, breakfast was at the Old Coffee Pot Restaurant on St. Peter to fuel up.
Love the chandelier there...
and a view from the upstairs bathroom -
not sure why, but i love funky brick walls...
The Lost Bread was great at the Old Coffee Pot. And the eggs, and the bacon, and the home fries, and the biscuits!!! They have a great little court yard if you're smart enough to go in the winter, spring or fall.
Good service - Great food.
Then on to the Audubon Nature Insectarium on Canal.
Set aside 2 hours for this. You'll walk in thinking it's for kids, which it is, but it's also for big kids. Certainly you have to love butterflies & bugs or at least find them fascinating. Otherwise don't waste your time.
Later, around Jackson Square we found these guys.
The kid sang - loud & proud!
The more he sang, the more mournful he sounded.
I think the misery in his voice was from having to sing
in the hot sweltering heat.
So we tipped him.
And lots of other people did too.
Whatever he made in tips he didn't make enough.
Poor kid. I wanted to take him home with me.
Our last stop was at Remoulade's on Bourbon Street
for Muffalettas then made our way back to our room. Wandering around we saw several street acts.
This 'construction man' was the best.
He didn't move one bit.
Not one tiny bit.
Sweat poured down his face & in his eyes & he still didn't move.
We didn't tip him. We were all tipped out. Nothing left.
I felt bad taking his picture then not tipping him but I did it anyway.
Sorry construction man.
That night after the wedding
we walked outside on to Bourbon...
to a forgotten nameless bar & had Hurricanes
(well ok -2 Hurricanes each)
One last meal on Sunday morning at The Coffee Pot again before heading back to NashVegas. We enjoyed our busy little weekend in NOLA. But my next visit will be in the cold dead winter - unless I get another summer wedding invitation!!!

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